Gartu, Surprise Party



"Have you ever been in a haunted mansion? Nando, Tina and Gartufo have been invited to one. What they don’t know is that their host is the evil Maximalón, and that once they are inside, it won’t be easy to get out."


Our heroes receive a message on their computer inviting them to a birthday party. When they arrive at the address they have been given they find a terrifying house. The children go inside and suddenly the doors slam shut, trapping them in the mansion.

The characters have to look for the way out, but everything is closed and they are being watched. When they at last manage to turn off all the cameras that are watching them they will find Maximalón’s laboratory. But Maximalón has primed a bomb, which our heroes will have to defuse quickly unless they want to be blown up along with the house.

The first graphic adventure in which the child learns and consolidates his knowledge through play.

Educational activities developed by practising teachers.

The child’s attention is grabbed by the exciting way the action-packed story unfolds, and by the incredible digitized scenes and panoramic 3D cinematic sequences.

Covers the teaching goals of the main subjects: Maths, Language and Understanding the Environment.



Demo Technical Requirements

Teaching content
from 4th year of primary education .

9 years and above.

Surprise Party

Pentium II at 233 MHz or higher. 64 Mb
RAM, 8x CD-ROM reader,
Windows 98/2000, sound card,
2Mb video card compatible with
DirectX6. Microsoft compatible mouse.


Purchasing information:
Price: 18,00 euros